Princess Plush Set

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The Princess Plush Set is a delightful assortment of plush toys that will transport any young girl into a world of royalty. This set features four charming princesses, each with their own distinct style and personality. Whether it's the graceful Princess Rose in her enchanting pink gown or the daring Princess Lily with her shimmering tiara, these cuddly toys are ideal for imaginative play and cozying up at night. Crafted from plush and snuggly material, these princesses are the ultimate companions for any aspiring princess. Watch as your child's imagination takes flight with the Princess Plush Set!

Features You'll Love

  • Delightful assortment of plush toys
  • Four charming princesses with distinct styles and personalities
  • Ideal for imaginative play and cozying up at night
  • Crafted from plush and snuggly material
Dimensions 8" x 7 1/2"
Material COTTON